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A Prosperous Life Starts Here!

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A Prosperous Life Starts Here!

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Certificate in Applied ICT & Leadership

The program is geared towards bridging the digital divide within the different sectors such as; Agriculture, Health, Education, Military etc. in Uganda and the region at large.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The BBA program is designed to equip school leavers optimally for the world of work – developing relevant skills and building on talents, through practical hands-on learning.

Why Choose Us

Partnering with business in real time

We partner to ensure the skills we are developing are those which will help employees, managers and entrepreneurs to be more productive and effective in a global market. Our innovative approach means course participants will achieve this improvement, and be rewarded for it, during the learning process, not after it

Developing character

At the heart of our approach, we believe character is the key to a prosperous life, and can be learned and developed. We aim to develop qualities such as: integrity, discipline, dependability, empathy, courage and creativity.

Focus on export

Our mission to help Uganda prosper means we are keen to support businesses which generate foreign income, whether in health technology (our heartland), value-add agriculture,  outsourced business or IT services, or tourism

Experiential learning

We believe that we learn best by listening to ideas, applying learning and reflecting on the results; and by repeating this cycle continuously. Our approach is designed to facilitate this process of learning in an optimally efficient way.

Working with business and global faculty

Our learning facilitators have both business management and global experience, as we aim to bring best available experience and expertise into the learning process

Working with latest learning technology

We combine physical with online virtual teaching modes to achieve optimal efficiency in the learning process

The School of Business & Applied Technology aspires to usher in a new way of training and tooling business professionals. 

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St. Barnabas Road, Kampala-Namuwongo
3rd Floor, International Hospital Kampala
P.O. Box 7782 Kampala, Uganda 
(+256) 312 307-400

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