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Strategy and Team Building Facilitation

For top teams, customised to one organisation



Your organisation’s top team would benefit from a clearer picture of where the organisation is heading and how it is planning to get there. The market environment is getting more competitive, and the organization needs to recognise it increasingly needs to match global standards. Most team members have good ideas about this, but this needs to be co-ordinated.  There may be many opportunities to improve and change, but resources are limited, so these need to be prioritised.  Strategy is about making some tough choices.

As strategy is not something that a top team engages with on a daily basis, there often isn’t the expertise within the team to do this well.  A team can benefit from an external facilitator who specialises in strategy facilitation with senior managers.

At the same time, an added benefit is to use the process to help develop team dynamics – to improve the effectiveness of how the team works together.  A facilitator can observe objectively, encourage team members to play more confidently to their strengths, and challenge behaviours that undermine the effectiveness of the team – which is often difficult for individual team members to undertake on their own.



A facilitator can work with a top team for ½ day, a day or even two days.   The longer time, the more time to address and resolve issues with team dynamics, and to arrive at strategic decisions that most members are comfortable with.  Day-to-day pressures may not allow for this, although the risk and investment in more time may well be worth it.

The strategy development process uses a combination critical analysis of available data and intuition, drawing on the experience of the group, to answer the following “Play to Win” questions:

  1. What is our winning aspiration?
  2. Where will we play?
  3. How will we win?
  4. What capabilities must be in place?
  5. What management systems are required, and what measures priortised?




Jamie MacAlister , the Director of the School of Business & Applied Technology and Hult Professor of Practice, is an experienced Strategic Workshop Facilitator, having worked with many top teams of UK and international businesses to help develop strategy. He was a Strategy & Marketing Consultant with Pricewaterhouse Coopers for 12 years, and then ran his own consultancy, Blonay Ltd ( for 10 years, before joining Ashridge Executive Education as Commercial Director of their consulting business.

He specialises in Strategic Risk Taking and has recently published a business book entitled: "Risky Strategy: Understanding Risk to Improve Strategic Decisions” based on Ashridge research on how leaders work with risk.  ( )   He is also an Ashridge accredited executive coach and action learning set facilitator, and has been coaching senior managers in the UK Civil Service, a global financial services organisation, a middle eastern chemicals joint venture, a local authority, a national health organisation, a major media business and a charity. Jamie has started two social enterprises and had previously worked in marketing management with Procter & Gamble. He has an MBA (Honours) from Wharton (University of Pennsylvania), a MA Engineering from Cambridge University. 


Proposed venue:  To be agreed with the client, but away from the office is recommended

Cost per participant: To be agreed with the client on a case-by-case basis 

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