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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA at IHSU is designed to produce a graduate fit-for purpose, who is responsive to the needs and challenges of the different sectors in the economy.  The goal of the program is to immerse the practitioner in training in the reality of today’s business context and to prepare graduates to learn how to adapt to a business world of growing complexity and demand.    The program seeks to offer the development of business skills, applicable to a local business context aimed at achieving a social development agenda which increases wealth and welfare in Uganda, building on current business school and industry best practices, as well as the latest technological capabilities.  An extensive consultative process with industry partners was undertaken during program design to ensure relevance of the program content.

The MBA degree will offer a greater emphasis than the BBA on practical experience.  MBA students will need to have had at least three years’ work experience in some kind of business before starting the MBA, and this will ensure that the learning process is even more grounded in shared practical experience.  There will also be a practical focus on a particular industry sector, which will form the major for the MBA.  This may or may not be the sector which the student already has experience in, as we recognise some may want the MBA to be a catalyst for moving into a new sector.  The practical sector experience will be achieved through a thesis focused on the sector of specialisation, together with an internship if the student does not already have employment in that sector.


  • The objectives of the program are:

    1. To deliver a holistic program that addresses the short-falls in the current programs and graduates 250 Exec MBA students with industry-specific focus and strong practical management capabilities by June 2022.
    2. To have at least 80% of those graduates in productive management roles by June 2022.
    3. Through a survey of employers 6 months after graduation, combined with employers of interns, to achieve “Very satisfied” with performance of employee in at least 80% of cases, by June 2022.
  • At the end of this program, students will have developed core business skills with highly practical application as well as an understanding of the business fundamentals in a full range of business functions. They will also have developed more detailed practical understanding of management in a particular business sector. The program should be able to

    • Produce well-rounded professional graduates equipped to contribute positively to self and country.
    • Produce graduates that are highly desired by employers and capable of picking up management roles from graduation.
    • Develop professional graduates who perform at a high level and are capable of developing relevant business solutions that address the current challenges in the industries.
  • To qualify for admission into this course, you require the following;

    • A Bachelor’s degree .
    • At least 3 years’ work experience.
    • Acceptance by the IHSU admissions committee of a fully completed MBA application form with references
    • A pass in the examination for graduate admission of IHSU.

    Location: For the first six months the Lakeview Business & Applied Technology building, next to Clarke Junior School, Bukasa. Then the class will move to a new development, the Quarry at Bukasa.


Master of Business Administration Full Curriculum

MBA 1112 CORE - MASTERS Organisation, Global Strategy & Policy 3.0
MBA 1101 FOUNDATION Critical Thinking 2.0
MBA 1102 FOUNDATION Ethics, Integrity, Character & Values 2.0
MBA 1103 FOUNDATION Quantitative Skills 2.0
MBA 1204 CORE - MASTERS Financial Management & Accounting 3.0
MBA 1205 FOUNDATION Risk, Uncertainty & Ambiguity 2.0
MBA 1206 FOUNDATION Written & Oral Communications 2.0
MBA 1207 FOUNDATION Leadership  2.0
MBA 1308 CORE - MASTERS Marketing Perspectives 3.0
MBA 1309 FOUNDATION History of Business in Africa 2.0
MBA 1310 FOUNDATION Execution: Getting Things Done 2.0
MBA 1311 FOUNDATION Creative Problem Solving 2.0
MBA 2112 CORE - MASTERS Innovation & Change 3.0
MBA 2113 CORE - MASTERS Operations, Productivity and Quality Management 3.0
MBA 2114 FOUNDATION Cross-Cultural Awareness 2.0
MBA 2115 FOUNDATION Global Citizenship 2.0
MBA 2216 CORE - MASTERS Leadership & Management 3.0
MBA 2217 CORE - MASTERS Managerial Economics 3.0
MBA 2218 ELECTIVE Project Management - elective 1 2.0
MBA 2219 ELECTIVE Entrepreneurship - elective 1 2.0
MBA 2220 ELECTIVE Strategic HR Management - elective 1 2.0
MBA 2221 ELECTIVE Management Accounting - elective 1 2.0
MBA 2222 ELECTIVE ICT Management - elective 2 2.0
MBA 2223 ELECTIVE Business in Emerging Markets - elective 2 2.0
MBA 2224 ELECTIVE Disruptive Innovation - elective 2 2.0
MBA 2225 ELECTIVE Consulting Methods - elective 2 2.0
MBA 2326 ELECTIVE Mergers & Acquisitions - elective 3 2.0
MBA 2327 ELECTIVE Quantiitative Analysis - elective 3 2.0
MBA 2328 ELECTIVE Corporate Responsibility - elective 3 2.0
MBA 2329 ELECTIVE Consumer Behaviour - elective 3 2.0
MBA 2300 SECTOR PRATICUM Final Project 18.0
      TOTAL * 85.0
NOTE * 60 CUS required to graduate.  KEY: LH=Lecture Hours; PH=Practical Hours; TH=Tutorial Hours; CH=Contact Hours;  CU= Credit Units.  PH include case work, simulations and projects, and assume 50% of time is spent in class/contact with faculty ie 50% Contact Hours

CALL: 0312-307-400

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The School of Business & Applied Technology aspires to usher in a new way of training and tooling business professionals. 

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