PG Diploma in Health Technology Innovation

The Postgraduate Diploma in Health Technology Innovation Management is a premier program that targets the health sector deliberately to introduce technology innovation management. The modules have been purposefully selected to offer the students a unique experience. The ultimate goal of the program is to equip students working in the health sector or who have an interest in the same, to be able to acquire skills that enable them to be technology champions within their institutions.

Target Group

This program targets primarily persons who are working within the health sector in a middle level leadership position. The person ought to have an interest in having technology integrated within their healthcare service delivery. The person does not have to be working directly in the health institution, but could be affiliated with the health sector, for example, working with NGO’s that support the health sector. The second category, are the persons working in the technology sector that are keen to understand how the health sector operates. The program seeks to bring together a number of professions that operate within the health sector to ensure effective and efficient service delivery, as well as breaking down functional silos.


  • The objectives of the program are:

    1. Build health leadership capacity to champion the appropriate integration and use of technology.
    2. To increase understanding amongst health professionals of the profound changes that are occurring in the delivery of health services because of advances in technology.
    3. Enhance the uptake and effective deployment of appropriate technology in healthcare.
  • To qualify for admission into this course, you require the following;

    • First degree (Honors) in any field related to Health care (Medicine, Pharmacy, Statistics, Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Nursing, Business Administration, and Public Health) among others.
    • Working experience of a minimum two years in the health sector or related sector.

    Location: For the first six months the Lakeview Business & Applied Technology building, next to Clarke Junior School, Bukasa. Then the class will move to a new development, the Quarry at Bukasa.


PG Diploma in Health Technology Innovation Full Curriculum

Course Code  Course Name LH  PH  TH  CH  CU 
Semester One           
HTM 1101  Leadership Development  30 30 45 3
HTM 1102  Health Systems  30 30 45 3
HTM 1103  Introduction to Health Technology & Ethics  30 30 45 3
HTM 1104  Frameworks in Health Innovation  30 30 45 3
HTM 1105  Project Management  30 30 45 3
Semester Two  LH  PH  TH  CH  CU 
HTM 1201  Healthcare Informatics  30 30 45 3
HTM 1202  Business Principles in Healthcare  30 30 45 3
HTM 1203  Strategy and Change Management  30 30 45 3
HTM 1204  Health Care Marketing  30 30 45 3
HTM 1205  Case-Study Project    300     5

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