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Research tells us that the quality of faculty is the single biggest factor influencing business student satisfaction; they also represent the lion’s share of the cost of delivering business education.  So, a strategy for faculty is a critical element of the overall business school strategy.

We know that we need faculty that have experience of business management. We also know that to improve the quality of business skills teaching in Uganda, we will need to draw selectively from business faculty from other parts of the world.  But clearly, we need to balance the cost of doing this against the benefits, to ensure that fees for attending the business school are not prohibitively expensive.  We propose to draw on the following mix of faculty:

  1. A small core of faculty based in Uganda, with international business management and teaching experience
  2. The use of international faculty to teach as guest speakers for one week or two week modules, supported by long-distance virtual teaching and marking for the remainder of the module. This approach is more likely to be applicable for the MBA program and Executive Education short courses, which work more in modular form.
  3. The use of experienced Ugandan business managers as either guest speakers or developed into Professors of Practice, certified by the business school.
  4. The use of Ugandan academic faculty, with business qualifications and business teaching experience, from IHSU or other Ugandan business schools, on either part-time or full-time basis.

The School of Business & Applied Technology aspires to usher in a new way of training and tooling business professionals. 

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